A better phone system for your business. Simple.

Get immediate savings of 35% with Havex Cloud PBX and Voice. Calls from 18c per minute billed per second.

*all costs exclusive of VAT

The most affordable business class VoIP

Trunks are free, calls to mobiles from 25c per minute.

*all costs exclusive of VAT

Freedom means NO contracts!

Customers can come and go as they wish. Choose from one of 10 price plans. Truly free, truly flexible.

*excludes fibre contracts

Flexibility means choose your own price plan

Customers can choose from one of 10 price plans best suited to their needs.

A better phone system for your business. Simple.


Get immediate savings of up to 35% with Havex Cloud PBX and Voice.


High Availability Voice Exchange 

The first Cloud telephony provider in Africa offering clients the ability to choose their own rate plan and use their own connectivity and hardware.

Havex is an affordable, reliable and feature-rich VoIP, Cloud PBX and smartphone service for businesses and individuals who want a phone system that works, all the time, without massive hardware outlays, high call rates or long term contracts.

Havex is perfect for any size business or individual, from 5 to 50 000 users. Clients can also try before they buy. 

Who We Are


Havex was started to give small to large-sized businesses access to the technical efficiency and reliability of a large, enterprise-grade phone system at a price that makes sense. Havex is also the home of the Cloud Voice App for smartphones, perfect for home users or people on the go. Equally suited for businesses.

Why Havex?


Havex is a better phone system for your business. Not complicated. Not costly. Works all the time. And the best part? It starts with an immediate saving of between 35% and 65%*


The benefits of switching to a cloud PBX and VoIP system are simply that you can have a highly sophisticated and stable phone system at a much lower cost, stored securely in the cloud.


Over the last ten years, the technology has matured enough to be confidently installed in any business from a large call centre driven multinational to a small 5-person office in Durban.

For most companies the question is no longer “Should we move our PBX to the cloud?” but rather “Who should move our PBX to the cloud?”

Havex’s primary priorities are uptime and quality

Here are our promises to you

Stability: 99.9% uptime

Our infrastructure and architecture are designed for stability with duplicated data centres for instant disaster recovery. We also have dedicated bandwidth to ensure high quality calls.

Agility: Next generation PBX

Have total oversight and control over your phone system with a self-service portal for users and a web-based panel for call management, system reporting and analytics.

Affordability: Lowest calling costs

Havex is the most affordable business phone system in South Africa with extensions from R59 per month, features at R10 per month and mobile rates reaching as low as 20c per minute. (All prices excludes VAT.)

Flexibility: You are in control

With ten price plans to choose from and prepaid month-to-month contracts that can be changed or cancelled at any time, you are always in complete control and Havex can easily scale up and down as required.

Security: You are protected

We take security very seriously. We have a comprehensive set of anti-fraud and anti-hack mechanisms to ensure your system is secure.

Simplicity: Never over complicated

We keep things simple and easy by providing as much support as possible online with a full self-service portal for each user and 24/7 support.

Switch to Havex

Switching is simple

Whether you are moving from a cloud PBX provider or a traditional Telkom setup, switching to Havex is quick and easy.