Moving to the cloud is easier than cancelling your Telkom contract. The move will happen in five simple steps. By next month your phone bill could be more than a third less.


Switch in five easy steps:

Step 1

Please complete your order or quotation by clicking here.

Step 2

A Havex agent will call you to finalise the switch.

Step 3
Port numbers: We create your Havex account and with your approval will port your numbers from Telkom to your Havex. All Porting in South Africa is processed by the Number Portability Company ( and takes a maximum of 4 weeks as specified by ICASA. Cancel existing contracts and discuss timelines with Havex agent. If you are porting all your numbers then Telkom will cancel your contract automatically.
Step 4
Within 24 hours of receiving the ported numbers, Havex will activate your account.
Step 5
Start calling and saving.