We dropped our rates and removed some fees to assist with the tough times ahead. 

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PANDEMIC Accommodating Rates

For Any Business Size


The world is facing tough times ahead and it’s about to get tougher. Plan ahead and stay safe.

We have cut our costs and have developed new services to accommodate clients in need of affordable business class telephony.

We can have clients online in as little as 24 hours if required.

First month is FREE, only pay for the minutes used.

The COVID19 Cloud PBX Deal

New numbers are free, no setup fees or contracts.

Porting numbers costs R250 once off.

One flat fee for everything, R29 per person per month. Calls to mobiles are billed per second and cost 29c per minute. Landlines are 22c per minute. Prepaid accounts only. 

Basic Business Class Cloud PBX

We stripped down all the fancy features to bring South Africa a bare minimum Cloud PBX. Clients still benefit from a business class service featuring 99,9% uptime, but we disabled call recording and a few other fancy features like conferencing. 

This solution is perfect for any office who want to save for the times ahead.  Havex can have you online in 48 hours.

No Contracts or Monthly Fees 

Free Inbound Number

Basic Features, No Call Recording

The COVID19 VoIP Deal

Trunks and Numbers (DIDs) are free. Clients only pay for the minutes they use. No other monthly costs whatsoever.

This is a line service only, no PBX features. This service can also be used for home users (1 trunk per phone).

Business Class VoIP

Super stable and super reliable with high call quality. A true business class service capable of replacing any telecoms line service. We can create new accounts in a few hours. Everythign is free, clients only pay for the minutes they use.

Havex will slash all service costs for its VoIP service during the COVID19 crisis (minute costs remain). Havex will also continue with these lowered rates indefinitely after the pandemic is over and business in SA resume.

No Contracts or Monthly Fees 

Free Inbound Number

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