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Smartphone App

We have been very busy the last 6 months building multiple new applications and services. We are proud to announce that we will be launching our smartphone app on 1 Feb 2020. The Havex Cloud Voice App features cutting edge technology to improve user experience and functionality. We are still developing additional features for the App and will release them as they complete testing. The current primary features are:


Battery Saving

The App makes use of a push server. What this means is that the App is only open while making the call. Once the call has terminated the app will close and the push server will take over the registration to the SIP server. When an inbound call is received the push server will wake up the App.



The App makes use of minimal data utilising the G729 codec. If the phone loses connectivity or is in an area with no connectivity then callthrough can be used. The App will call a toll free access server sending through the number that needs to be dialed. Once received the call will be terminated and the user will be called back, after which the call will be bridged to the original destination number.


Cheap As Dirt

As far as we know the Havex App will enable the lowest calling rates in SA using a mobile smartphone with or without connectivity. Calls to mobiles will be 29c excluding VAT per minute. Calls to landlines will be 20c excluding VAT per minute. All rates are billed per second. Equally low rates apply for international calls. No monthly fees either.


Any Device

The App will be available on both Apple and Android devices and will be listed in the relative app stores. Installation takes seconds as we only require minimal information for registry. New registrations will also receive R5 test credit to make some test calls before users have to topup.


Multiple Payment Methods

We are still working on payment automation development, but in the meanwhile we have an eager team of accountants ready to load all topups. Current payment methods include EFT, Zapper and Snapscan. We will continue to add payment methods as demand grows. 

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For most companies the question is no longer “Should we move our PBX to the cloud?” but rather “Who should move our PBX to the cloud?”