Super Low Cost Calls Directly From Your Smartphone.

Save 70% on calls to all destinations locally and abroad.

*Excludes special destinations. On-Net or App to App calls are free.

Get The Havex Cloud Voice App Today And Get R5 FREE Calling Credit!

Search for “Havex Cloud Voice” in your smartphone’s app store and install the app. Full installation instructions can be found below.

The Havex Cloud Voice App for Apple and Android smartphones allows users to make low cost calls using a data connection (VoIP). Users with no Internet connection can make use of the call-through feature to benefit from low cost calling without an Internet connection.

Super LOW Calling Rates

The cheapest method to call any destination from your smartphone. A true replacement for making all calls locally and internationally.

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Download Full Calling Rates Here 

Includes all international destinations as well

A Business Class Service At A Ridiculously LOW Price

Havex brings clients a South African first. A smartphone app that can make calls even when the smartphone has no Internet connectivity, perfect for areas with poor or no Internet connectivity.

The service backbone is an enterprise grade platform with built in redundancy for an always-on business class service. Call quality is of the highest standards and uptime is in the 99,9 percentile. 

The App is able to completely replace the conventional method of making calls from your mobile phone, while saving users 70%. What about Whatsapp calling you ask? Whatsapp is not a business class service, and you can only call other whatsapp users, not anyone in the world with a telephone number.


Perfect for any South African with a smartphone.

No Contracts or Monthly Fees 

Business Class Service + Number

Record Calls On Your Smartphone

Battery Saving Using Push Server

Call-through For No Connectivity

Start Using The Havex Cloud Voice App Today And Save!

Make sure you share your app’s telephone number with your friends and family.

Installing the app is as easy as 1,2,3,4...

Get it now and start saving immediately!

Step 1: Installation

Search for “Havex Cloud Voice” in your smartphone’s app store. Both Android and Apple smartphones are supported.

Once you have located the Havex Cloud Voice App please go ahead and install it now.

Step 2: Registration

Please provide us with your information. Ensure your informatioin is accurate as it will be used to recover your account in the future. We will never share your information with others.

Step 3: Permissions

After the registration has completed you will be asked to allow certain permisisons for the app to function properly.

Please go ahead and allow these permissions else the app wont function correctly.

Step 4: Testing

All new registrations receive R5 test credit for free. Please go ahead and make a test call to any number.

If the test call was successful then you can go ahead and start using the app.

Calling Credit

If you enjoy using the app then you will have to topup after the R5 test credit is depleted. More information regarding topups can be found here.

Multiple Calling Methods Supported

The Havex Cloud Voice App supports multiple calling methods. Even when users have no Internet connectivity they can still make calls by making use of GSM call-through, which is billed at the same low app calling rates. 

What Is Call-Through?

The App will call a toll free access number using your phone’s sim card, don’t worry this wont cost you anything. Upon answer the App will send through the number that was selected to call. The call will then hangup and the user will immediately receive a call back. Upon answering the callback the user will hear ringing as the access server tries to connect the call. This process takes a little longer to establish the call, but users will still benefit from the App’s super low calling rates.


Making Use Of Secondary Calling Methods

To access the secondary calling methods long press the dial button or number. A popup menu will be displayed as shown on the right. The user can then select one of the secondary calling methods.


Call Methods Explained

  • Call: A normal VoIP call will be made using minimal data. Internet connectivity is required.
  • GSM Call: A normal mobile call using your sim card’s prepaid or contract credit.
  • Call-through: A secondary method for making calls using your Havex app. You do NOT need Internet connectivity for this call method. Only use when there is no Internet connectivity.
Click Here For App Usage Terms & Conditions