In the last 20 years office telephony has completely changed and what was once good is almost obsolete now. In 2000 we started seeing the conventional hardware-based office PBX being replaced by smarter software-based solutions. This technological leap was largely due to the release of now very popular open source telephony applications like Asterisk, Freeswitch and the like. These new soft PBXs enabled developers to add their own custom features which resulted in a snowball affect, causing a revolution in telephony. Presently there are more than 1 million Asterisk based office solutions in the world.

While the conventional PBX was being replaced by the soft PBX, the “landlines” were still the conventional analogue and ISDN. Only a few years later, from roughly 2005 to 2010 , VoIP started appearing in SA. These new VoIP trunks were serviced on ADSL lines which had numerous problems due to the connectivity quality, shaping and contention ratio being the main culprits. Only for the last 6 years the majority of offices have gained access to decent connectivity with no shaping or contention ratio which makes them VoIP ready.

Connectivity networks are growing by as much as 200% per year and more people have access to VoIP ready connectivity. This makes migrating to the cloud the current trend. The benefits from utilising the cloud are immense and also the way of the future. Benefits include, but are not limited to, month to month contracts, low setup costs, connect from anywhere, safe and secure backups, easy disaster recovery and more. As much as 50% of office telephony solutions will be cloud based in the next 5 years, with the only hurdle for the rest being connectivity. You can also expect to see the giant cloud service providers like Google and Amazon coming to South Africa within the next 2 years.

Havex constantly evolves to ensure our customers benefit from the best globally available services . As a result we have structured our offering to reflect global expectations and practices borrowed from first world countries who have already resolved the problems SA is facing. These features include:

  • Use your own fibre: customers are welcome to use their own, else we can provide a dedicated link for VoIP. Many of our customers already have decent internet connectivity.
  • Install yourself: most customers can install a phone themselves, because it is so easy. We thus provide you with a self-install option to further reduce installation costs.
  • Pick your own price plan: life is all about choices, pick one of 10 plans to suit your needs like a glove.
  • No contracts: who are we to force you to stay? Our contracts are month to month so customers can do as they wish.
  • Security: we have implemented a host of measures to increase your cloud security to limit your risk of being a victim of cyber crime.
  • Self Service: customers can log into their portal for administration tasks like pull reports, listen to recordings, make changes and much more.

Happy dialing SA!